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Putting a Face with Disability 

The Halle Grace Foundations presents a new series in which I interview individuals diagnosed with disabilities, in the podcast, "Putting a Face with Disability."  Through these podcasts, we allow individuals to use their voice and share their story of how their diagnosis has impacted their life.  These amazing humans open their hearts to us as they share the psychological, social, emotional, and vocational impact disability has had on their lives. They have chosen to use their voice to change others' perception of disability, in turn, creating a more inclusive world.  We hope you enjoy hearing their stories.  

These podcasts were developed as part of the University of South Florida's new, online graduate course, Medical & Psychosocial Aspects of Disability as part of their new, fully, online master's program, Rehabilitation Counseling and Disability Sciences (RCDS).

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As we are in October and celebrate all the Fall festivities, we also celebrate National Invisible Disabilities Month.  In honor of this, I have chosen Neeley Heilman as the first podcast I share.  Neeley is not only my daughter, but she is also an amazing young woman diagnosed with multiple invisible disabilities.  She took some time earlier this year to share her experiences with my RCDS class and I am now happy to share this podcast with all of you at the Halle Grace Foundation.  

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Neeley is a UCONN college student who is diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency, Ehlers Danlos, and dysautonomia. She shares with us her journey of coping with chronic medical conditions as a young adult. She touches on transitioning to full responsibility for her medical issues as she reaches adulthood, as well as touches on dating and school issues associated with her diagnosis.

Blog Article: The Heart of a Champion

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Did you know November is Diabetes Awareness Month? As we approach the month of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Allie Isabel.  She is an amazing young woman who recently shared her story in our podcast.  

Allie is a young professional in her late 20's balancing her work life and social life with her chronic illness, Type 1 Diabetes. Allie shares with us everything from her early diagnosis to her non-compliant teen years to her flourishing adulthood where she has developed a platform on TikTok to advocate for herself and others.

You can also hear more of Allie's journey at:  TikTok: @fightingforacure   

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Thank you to USF, the RCDS program, and USF Innovative Education for helping us create these amazing podcasts.

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