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Extra-Ordinary Kids

Brandon and Chloe

Brandon and Chloe

One of the “perks” of having a child(ren) with disabilities is that you get to meet some amazing families.   It is a club of sorts that you belong to you.  One that you wish upon no one, but treasure once you are in it.  Don’t get me wrong, I would do anything to take the pain away from my children and all the medical challenges they face, but what I have learned is to embrace the joys that come along this journey.  I often tell my kiddos, “we can’t necessarily control how we are made or what medical issues we must face, but we can control how we react to it.”  Our reactions aren’t always joyful.  They are sometimes raw, painful, and real – but we face them head on as a family.  And when there are times of considerable joy and humor, we embrace that too with open arms.























I spent a recent night chatting during a beautiful Florida evening of thunderstorms with some new friends, Stephanie and Molly McCann.  I was fortunate enough to meet this amazing mother/daughter duo through one of my neighbors, Pam Bartow.  Pam, as any good grandmother would do, was bragging about her granddaughter, Molly, and all she has accomplished in life, despite being a teenager with epilepsy.  Pam told me about her daughter and granddaughter’s willingness to share their story and advocate for others with epilepsy.  I knew immediately I needed to meet this girl and her Momma!

Molly McCann July 2016

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