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About Us

Our Mission


The mission of this foundation is to continue the legacy of Halle Grace.  Halle faced many medical issues in her short 15 years.  She spent each day fighting for normalcy in a chaotic, medically-challenging, far-from normal life.  Despite these obstacles, Halle has left us a legacy of empathy, compassion, joy, friendship, courage, bravery, and most of all love.  May we continue to follow her lead and do her proud as we keep her name alive through this foundation.  The Halle Grace Foundation seeks to educate medical professionals, support families, and to empower today's youth.

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Educate Medical Professionals & Pre-Profesionals

The Halle Grace Foundation provides medical profesionals and pre-profesionals education on the Psychological aspects of pediatric disabilities and how it impacts the family.  This will be accomplished through medical workshops and luncheons, association meetings, continuing education units and other lecturing formats.


Support Families with Children with Chronic Illness

The Foundation provides resources relevant to families raising children with chronic illness.  These include: web-based resources, inspirational stories, support group lectures, and private consulting.  We will also be presenting quarterly articles written by leading experts in various medical fields.





The Foundation seeks to inspire and encourage today's youth.  We provide support and resources to youth with chronic medical conditions and offer them a chance to use their voice and share their own story with others.

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