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Medical Professionals

Educate Medical Professionals

The Halle Grace Foundation provides medical professionals and pre-professionals education on the Psychological aspects of pediatric disabilities and how it impacts the family.  This will be accomplished through medical workshops and luncheons, association meetings, and other lecturing formats.

Guest Speaking

The Halle Grace Foundation provides classroom lectures to college students entering the medical profession.  Topics relate to pediatric disabilities, psychosocial impact of disability on the child as well as on the family, sibiling support and caregiver support and other family dynamics as it related to the child's medical challenges.


The Halle Grace Foundation offers medical professionals a unique insight into the child and the family's perspective as it relates to chronic illness and pediatric disability.  This is offered in one hour, luncheon formats, informal and formal break out session discussions, keynote addresses and/or 1/2 day workshops.

What Others Are Saying...

"I want to be a Pediatrician so your insight on patient-doctor relationships was interesting to hear! I think everyone going into health care should hear the patient and their family's input. Because although I may never fully understand, I want to appropriately treat my future patients with the respect and kindness that they deserve!"  - Alexandra, Pre-Med.


"Your presentation during class blew me away. I sincerely believe that was one of the best guest speaker lectures I have ever listened to. I thought your presentation was so personable and right off the bat I was engaged. Your family story is so real and raw. I heard your story and immediately the first thing that came into my mind about your family was the word STRENGTH."  - Student, Nursing


"First off, I would like to say that your story is truly motivational, and you are an amazing speaker. You were beyond entertaining, and you are a very strong individual to be able to keep up with your plan of choosing laughter over tears. I am thankful that I got the opportunity to have you visit my class and share your story."     -   -Megan, Physical Therapy Student


"I have to say that the presentation you gave last week was one of the best I had heard in Dr. Young's class (Not to mention, it was also very entertaining). Some of the things you said were very insightful, especially your experiences with the chief resident. You were completely right, even though a large portion of this class will work in the health care field, it is very important to always consider that we will be dealing with people, not just "cases", as you put it." - Martin, Health Professional Major

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing your perspective and encounters with health care professionals - learning about patients' experience before become a licensed professional is a crucial part of the educational process that is not emphasized enough." - Valentina, Pre-Med

"Thank you for coming to speak with our class.  I learned a valuable lesson through your words. It is important to treat the entire family, not just the child in health care and we need to create a team approach to medicine.  One in which, the caregiver, the child, the family, the school and all areas impacting the child's health and wellness needs to be taken into account when it comes to meeting the needs of the child."  - Taylor, Pre-Med

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